Friday, November 14, 2014

ICT Learning Method

Educational ideals set forth in the preamble of the Indonesian nation, the constitution of 1945, which educate people. Expected to realize the dignity of the Indonesian nation. School system in which there is a social institution whose job scoring the next generation. All Indonesian people deserve good teaching. Now that should be considered is the quality of education, quality of intelligence and how to achieve it.

Development of teaching methods were developed, one of which is the learning of ICT. This method is in line with the development of the ICT world in which education must continue to evolve in line with the development of information and communication technologies. This is one way to improve the quality of education of the nation.

ICT is used to optimize the learning objectives. Of course this would be something interesting in the classroom than just listening to the teacher's explanation. Students will feel bored when teachers apply learning in one direction. Students just listen to what the teacher explained. So students do not get bored, the teacher must be smart, communicative with students. But it would be boring if the teacher presented the material in a monotone.

ICT learning methods, utilizing multiple media, including the Internet, PC, TV, Radio, Telephone, LCD projectors, printers. The question now is already effective use of the media? Many of us find that the media is more likely to provide entertainment rather than education.

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