Sunday, November 9, 2014

How to Reset HP Nokia Symbian

Nokia symbian is the most advanced phones on jamanya. But now symbian is getting eliminated by the presence of blackberry and android. Many people began to switch from Symbian. But if you still have a symbian phone and constrained error can not be turned off taupun can not be helped, do not be heartbroken once.

Here you will give way to reset your symbian nokia phone to factory settings so that your phone is free of viruses and reusable. If the problem light, how to do a soft reset: reset before you should first backup the existing data on your mobile phone. To perform a reset condition baterray at least 80%, then press * # 7780 #. then your phone will be reset as the first time and your personal data will not be lost.

If maslahnya already quite heavy to do a hard reset, how: the same as a hard reset soft reset is also recommended to perform data backup beforehand and conditions bateray also at least 80%, then press * # 7370 #. After this hard reset process then all the data in your phone will be lost and you will be nokia settings as factory default settings.

Hopefully this article can help you to reset your symbian nokia phones.

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